White Tiger Balm

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White Tiger Balm is a lighter version of Red Tiger Balm. It is particularly recommended for Headaches, de-congesting the nose and respiratory tract. It has a higher concentration of mint oil than the red balm which makes it more cooling (less warming) than the red.

 Tiger Balm White is a safe and effective herbal ointment indicated for headache relief and migraines (rub a small amount on the temples). For nasal de-congestion, put a dab under your nose. It is great for post-workout muscle soreness.

When to use the white tiger balm:

  • to recover better at the muscular and articular level after the physical effort
  • for headaches with a light massage on the temples
  • for cough with a massage at the level of the thorax and the back
  • to keep mosquitoes away and relieve itching due to insect bites
  • to de-congest a blocked nose
  • to relieve the itching of the skin