Sun catchers Hanging Crystals

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The Hanging sun catcher prism sparkles under the natural sunlight to produce beautiful colorful reflections around it. It will add an elegant and natural element to your home decor.

Each hanging crystal pendant is made of high-quality crystal glass material, which is durable and finely crafted so that to reflect the beautiful rainbow around you through sunlight. In natural light, as a pendant, each pendant has a different color. You will see the shining light reflected by the crystal pendant and the multi-faceted prism; in the sun, it is like a rainbow maker.

You can use these exquisite daylight prisms indoors and outdoors. Hang these on windows, chandeliers, backyards, cars, gardens, walls and balconies, etc..

Place this Sun catchers in your Window and create little rainbows all over your room!
Let the sunshine come in and color your world!

These shimmering Sun Catchers not only make a space magical, they also make the perfect gift - dainty, feminine & sweet!