Red Tiger Balm

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Red Tiger Balm

It is a traditional Chinese ointment made from medicinal plants, the main one being camphor & Menthol. This essential oil and herbal balm is used to relieve minor muscle or joint pain, reduce inflammation and joint and muscle conjectures.

When to use the red tiger balm:

  • to warm up your body before physical effort
  • for muscular tensions
  • for inflammations of joints and tendons
  • for constipation, diarrhea, and various stomach aches with an abdominal massage
  • to improve your blood circulation for example on the feet when it is cold.
  • to rub on chest to soothe chest congestion and relieve cough caused by the flu or common cold.

Tiger Balm is a topical treatment (applied to the skin) and despite its name, it does not contain any animal extracts.