Black Unisex Scarf with Aztec Design

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Product Details:

- Hand Embroidery

- 100% Pure Wool

- Made with a Hand loom

-  Aztec Design

- Traditional Himalayan Embroidery


This Unisex, Himalayan Scarf is made from pure wool, handwoven and embroidered with a bright Aztec design. These scarves are light-weight but very warm, perfect to drape around your shoulders or neck while also complimenting any outfit. 

These artistic hand-woven scarves are created in the higher hills of Himachal Pradesh, India and are truly one of a kind. The technique and production is believed to be centuries old using raw materials varying from Marino wool, Pashmina wool, Angora Rabbit wool and Local Sheep wool. 

Experience The True Warmth Of the Indian Craftsmanship.

Do’s & Don’t:

1. Woollen products should be dry cleaned only.

2. Never wash woollen clothes in hot water.

3. Do not store woollen products in polythene bags.

4. Give a sun bask to woollen products once or twice during the damp seasons. 

5. Lay it flat on a towel or hang it to dry.

6. Wash dark and light colours separately.