About Us || Bohemian Emporium

Bohemian Emporium is the combination of both Canadian and Indian, culture & style. We are a couple, promoting self love and hard work. We thrive to supply nothing but positive energy and good quality bohemian products. We also represent the Bohemian Emporium pages on both Instagram & Facebook.
      During our travels, we’ve had a lot of time to sit and observe, watching the waves of traffic and workers flooding the street, realizing that most of these people were rushing & stressing to maintain jobs or responsibilities that inevitably left them feeling upset or drained. Watching these people choose someone else’s growth over their own, all while forgetting to wrap themselves in positivity and awareness really sparked changed.
      It is our initiative here at Bohemian Emporium to help the people caught in a negative atmosphere and guide them to cleaner, lighter environment. We encourage and hope to spread some Indian vibes and culture with you and as many people as possible. We hope you stick around for our growth & we thank you in advance.

Lots of love,
Bohemian Emporium