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5 Trending Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room decor in Summer 2023

Green Theme boho living room decor Credits: RikkiSnyder   

Nothing says summer like lush green trees and blooming flowers. As we approach the summer season of 2023, it's time to consider bringing the summer vibes to your living room decor. Summer is a time for refreshment, relaxation and fun, and it is the perfect time to refresh your living room and add new living room decor ideas. One way to spruce up your space is by adding some wall hangings. Wall hangings are a great way to add personality and style to your space, and they are easy to switch out whenever you want a change.

Here are five wall decor for your living room decor ideas for summer-

  1. Abstract Wall art

Abstract wall art can be an excellent choice to add summer vibes to your living space. They are great for adding colors and personality to your living room decor. Abstract wall art is a versatile option that can fit any decor style, whether you prefer modern, bohemian, or traditional. If you are in the mood to revisit your long-gone artistic hobby, pick up some paints and brushes and start creating an art piece. You can buy art pieces online if you do not want to sign-up for major painting work. Look for pieces with bold brushstrokes or geometric shapes in bright, summery colors like orange, pink, green or turquoise.

If you want to add some local taste to your art piece, visit the local galleries in your town, and maybe you will score a unique art piece by a local artist from your area. Not only will it add visual interest to your living room, but it will also sprinkle a flavor of your culture.Abstract wall art framed for Wall decor

  1. Indoor Plants

Now that the trees and flowers outside are starting to bloom again, we are positive that summer is just around the corner. One of the best ways to bring summer vibes is by bringing plants to your living room & create a cozy boho chic style. If you are lucky enough to have direct sunlight shining in your living room through the window, consider bringing plants indoors for refreshing and natural beauty in your living room, and they can also help you purify the air for better breathing.

Go for decorating your living room with tall, standing house plants, like a monstera, peace lily, a snake plant or succulents. You can also mix different plant types and sizes to create a lush, layered look of boho decor. Plants can be decorated as wall hangings using macrame plant hangers, or you can put them in pots and place them on horizontal shelves to create a green living wall. Regardless of the season, one thing is for sure: plants will always be in style.

Green Plants for Indoors garden

  1. Boho Tapestry

The top summer interior design trends in 2023, we’re expecting the classic boho decor to swing back into our homes. Hanging musical instruments like guitars and ukuleles on the wall decor, mixing bright colors, and indoor plants, creating an artsy, bohemian vibe. Balance out antique wooden furniture with decorative art pieces, like tapestry or dreamcatchers.

A wall tapestry is a popular and stylish wall decor option that adds texture and pattern to your living room decor. Choose a tapestry in a bright, summery print, like florals or tropical leaves. Tapestry comes in different sizes and designs, making it easy to pick something which compliments your interior and your personality, and it's a great way to cover a large wall without the expense of a painting or mural.

  1. Art Gallery Wall

If you think of an art gallery wall in your home, which is the most suited place? Of course, it is the living room. Considering that the living room is the most lively place in the house, an excellent way to make it beautiful and unique is by using the art gallery style to add your personal touch to your living room walls.

You can use your own art pieces or source from a local thrift store or online for art gallery wall decor. Create an art gallery wall decor by hanging a collection of your favorite paintings or prints. If you like mixing traditional with modern style, you will definitely love this gallery wall in your living room decor. Mix and match different sizes and styles of frames for a curated look.

Art gallery wall decor using multiple small art pieces above brown couch

  1. Mirrors

Well, Who doesn’t like having mirrors on their walls? But you can take a step ahead and use them for other purposes, like decoration. Mirrors can be a fantastic addition to any living room decor, especially during summer decor. Decorating with mirrors has more benefits than just giving you a place to check your outfit before heading out. A strategically placed and wonderfully designed mirror can add an instant focal point while also increasing natural light and maximizing the sense of space in your home.

Adding a mirror to any room in your home can significantly impact the appearance, and if you pick multiple crafted mirrors of different shapes and sizes, you can create a unique and eye-catching display. However, this is only true if you have the artsy eye to position them correctly and choose the right frame shape and design to create a cohesive look with your existing furniture and decor. Consider decorating with mirrors in the same way you would add art to your wall decor, and enjoy a functional yet stylish living room decor in summer 2023.

Golden Round Metal Mirror for Wall decor


These are just a few wall decor ideas for your living room this summer. There is much more to get your inspiration for living room decor ideas. Whether you are a contemporary style person or a bohemian style enthusiast, adding some wall hangings to your living room is a great way to refresh and update the home decor that looks uniquely yours.